Monday Evening 7p.m.
Instructor: Joy Stemen

Wednseday Afternoon CHAIR YOGA: 4:00pm
Instructor: Janette Reineke

Wednesday Evening 7 p.m.
Instructor: Chris Setzer

Friday mornings 8:30am - 9:30am 
Instructor: Sue Sheehan

Yoga class with an emphasis on the fitness benefits of yoga-improving strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness, balance, and breathing techniques. The sessions are taught by a Physical Therapist who uses her expertise in exercise science to design a class which emphasizes safety and improved overall physicall condition. Class is conducted in a dark room with soft music. This class can be revised to meet individual fitness needs. 

4 Session packages are Free to members / $20 Program Participants

You may pre-register usuing our self-service app.  Don't forget to book your session after you purchase your package!

Individual classes are $6 and may be purchased the day of based on availability.