Tuesday August 6th indoor Schedule:

6-6:20 Royal Blue vs Green
6:20-6:40 Orange vs Yellow
6:40-7:00 Maroon vs Purple
Each game will play 1 inning in the arena. Players and coaches may use the gym for practice when they are not playing. The gym will be divided into quarters. Each team can take an available quarter of the gym to practice, feilding, throwing, or running drills. 


Summer 2019

Boys age 4-6, Girls age 4-7

Cost: $60non-member/$30 member

Date: July 9th-August 8th
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7p.m.


Summer Heat Advisory Policy at BFR

Outdoor youth programs will be cancelled (and rescheduled) in the case of dangerous or extremely dangerous weather conditions.  The NOAA National Weather Service Heat Index will be used to determine these conditions.  The Heat Index combines air temperature with humidity levels.

Determination of predicted heat index will be made by 4pm on the program day for evening events. We will inform you by email and text messages.